Universal HL7 Reporting System (UHL7RS)

We have listened to our clinicians and made HL7 simpler for them!!! This product allows you to create a PDF report from your existing Clinical System and send the report to Electronic Health Record (EHR) System. The work could not be any simpler than this.

If you are currently using a clinical system, you can either contact us directly to work with you to make this happen or you can provide our contact information to your system vendor and they can contact us to work on this solution. We assured you that there will be no need to change or modify your clinical work-flow to make this happen. You can continue to work as always without sending your paper reports to the consumer of your assessment report in the mail or fax. Just ask the clinicians to look for the report in Electronic Health Record . This will save your staff time to focus on more important job - 'taking care of the clients'.


  • Highly Customizable Report Generation System to fit any clinical need
  • Very Flexible HL7 Interface for Generation and Transmission of results
  • Any Vendor and/or Clinical system can be integrated with this system
  • Minimal change in the overall operation of clinical work flow
  • Supports PDF, MS Word and other file format(s)
Universal HL7 Reporting System

If you are a vendor and provide excellent clinical system for your clients, you do not need to spend time and money to develop a complex HL7 messaging system to add value to your clients. We can come-in as a value added partner and provide you the expertise and software solution for HL7 messaging system. UHL7RS is designed to work with any clinical system for sending reports to EHR.

Integration is Limitless. UHLR7 can do with any system in less than 30 minutes without single line of code or script.