Critical Care Data Monitoring Application (ccDMA)

Providing quality care by improving and enhancing treatment for patients in the critical care units is a major goal in healthcare. To achieve this, physicians and health providers require vital data for measuring the patient’s illness. ccDMA was carefully designed to collect important data for this task.

Data would be entered from a workstation and stored on a central server. If a hospital is already setup with its own admission and lab system, the data would flow through the hospital network system and automatically transfered to the ccDMA.

Critical Care Data Monitoring Application (ccDMA) from Nepsys Technology offers physicians a secure, client-server based data management software platform. ccDMA manages all aspects of critical care data including Patient and Hospital admission, billing, patient care, Patient demographics Hospital/ICU admissions and discharges. We help you Simplify, Empower, and Grow your clinic. ccDMA can be configured and customized to accomodate small, mid-size or large scale hospitals. This application provides a comprehensive and complete solution for individual hospitals to state-side state-wide enterprize system.

Features of this Application

1. Patient and Hospital admission

2. Patient demographics

3. Hospital/ICU admissions

4. Hospital/ICU discharges

5. Glasgow Coma Scale and Comorbid conditions

Support for Research Data

ccDMA would be the ideal tool for research projects. With the help of this application, you can combine information from the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Hospital Lab System to streamline the data collection for comprehensive analysis. Please contact us for more information.

Support for Outgoing HL7 Reports

If your clinic needs to send reports to your central EHR (Electronic Health Record) system, ccDMA has a very simple and intuitive solution for your clinicians. This optional module will allow your staff to customize your clinical report(s) with your own logo, data fields and other notes. In addition, this application allows the staff to review the report 'similar to the familiar Print Preview' option. ccDMA allows the staff to send all the reports to your central Electronic Health Record system and to the printer in a single mouse click.

The process of analyzing health care data is a sturdy task and one that must be done properly and continually. We help you Simplify, Empower, and Grow your clinic.