Cardio Care Device Clinical Management System (ccDCMS)

With Cardio Care you can automate tasks such as appointment setting, patient care charting, workload management and medication monitoring. The Cardio Care system can also be used to program devices, collect research data, and chart patient care and review cardiac history with customized reports generated automatically.

Cardio Care is an intelligent and powerful tool that is also user-friendly and easy to operate. The system is designed to be used by cardiologists and clinicians, without the need to understand complex IT jargon or technical terms.

The application acts as a central repository for clinical data, with visit reports and patient information being sent to the centralized health record in a single click. This system allows cardio clinics to offer a better standard of care, with consistent and comprehensive data being provided across a range of devices. Simplify clinical operations, co-ordinate care with multiple providers and organize your data for improved efficiency and the highest quality of service.

Cardio Care can be customized to cater to the specific needs of your clinic. Whether you have a small clinic with only a few staff members, or a large network of clinics with multiple sites, Cardio Care makes everything easier and more organized, allowing cardiologists and clinic staff more free time to provide a better service to their patients, rather than spending their working hours on administration duties and data organization.

Features of this Application

  • Manage patient appointments - summarizes session data into concise reports
  • Automatically generates all correspondence and workload measurement data
  • Serves as centralized database for all kinds of patient information
  • Provides consistent look and feel across all devices in operation
  • Single click to send customized reports to your EHR
  • Imports data from third party systems such as Medtronic Paceart©
  • Customizable reports, assessments and charting
  • Data analysis, trend visualization & research data collection

Stores data with consistency

CardioCare stores all device programming data, episode counters, atrial and RV pacing percentages, zone settings and other hardware-related information that can be easily accessed by the user. The system acts a central repository, providing an in-depth view of the patient's statistics across a range of devices. CardioCare can also be used to quickly and efficiently program the patient's device at the time of implant and any subsequent follow-up visits.

Automatically generates workload measurement logs

CardioCare is an all-encompassing management platform that allows clinicians the time to do what they do best – provide outstanding care and tend to the needs of their cardiology patients. Studies show that up to a fifth of the clinician's time is spent on manual administration tasks and data management duties.

By automating these processes with customized reports generated by the system, CardioCare can eliminate most of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that take away valuable working hours from the clinicians themselves. With these jobs becoming a thing of the past, clinic staff can devote all their time to their patients, delivering a better and more consistent service across the board.

As the system is fully customizable it can be adapted to suit the specific needs of your clinic. CardioCare can generate workload logs and patient reports as CSV, text or PDF files for ease of access and viewing. Alternatively, the software can be operated using SQL scripts for those with more technical IT knowledge, with information being imported directly into the main database without the need for user input.

Import clinical/device data from your current system

CardioCare can be used to import data from other third party devices and applications such as the Medtronic Paceart system. The CardioCare platform provides a consistent, global view of patient data, regardless of which device or programmer is being used. This helps to reduce confusion and improve efficiency with a standardized approach to clinical processes, allowing the clinic to provide a much better standard of care for all patients.

If a new device is introduced, or there is a change in physician, medication or diagnosis, all of these can be added to the system with ease, ensuring that all data is kept up-to-date at all times.

Our technical staffs works closely with our customers to make sure that switching to the CardioCare platform is an entirely seamless and smooth integration, with all data from your existing devices and databases being imported correctly into the new system.

Send customized report to EHR system in a single click

The CardioCare application lets you customize your clinical report with your own logo, data fields and any notes that are applicable. Creating a HL7 report from your application to send it for wider dissemination is as easy as pressing a button and printing off a report. Preview the report in viewer mode before sending it to the Centralized Electronic Health Record (EHR) with a single click.

Enterprise solution - security and peace of mind

Cardio Care is an enterprise-class solution where multiple clinics are able to operate on the same database. Access to other clinics' data can be restricted as required by the system administrator, or alternatively the software can be configured to share information across multiple sites and vendors.

Cardio Care is a robust and secure, yet user-friendly application that can be utilized to handle all your daily clinical operations with ease. We provide continued assistance throughout all operations to ensure that this is always the case.

At Cardio Care we view our customers more as partners, as your success is absolutely integral to our reputation. We provide ongoing customer support and product training to ensure you get maximum performance from your Cardio Care system.

Maximize clinical staff productivity

The need for a clinician to switch between applications to manage their patients can be made a thing of the past with Cardio Care. The Cardio Care system provides users with a more effective and efficient working model on which to base their daily activities.

Manage patients' appointments with emails and letters that are automatically generated and sent out by the software itself. Cardio Care can also create daily reports, schedules and other notifications, giving back more valuable time for clinic staff to spend with their patients.

The Cardio Care application intelligently captures and manages clinical data during an office visit, telephone consultation and other types of patient interactions. Key correspondence can be generated in a single click, with the software automatically logging and analyzing workload data as it performs these tasks, helping to continually improve the performance of the clinic.

Going paperless has never been easier

With Cardio Care, clinical document management becomes a relatively simple task, with all records securely located in one place – easily accessible by all relevant parties.

This drastically reduces the amount of paperwork needed to be filled out by on-site staff members and makes it easier to keep track of important documents such as referral letters, reports, hospital admission notices and patient records.

Each visit that a patient makes to the clinic can be summarized in a concise and convenient report, with the ability to easily upload and save patient documents and images, so there's no need for staff members to spend their valuable working hours tracking down files from different sources.

Customized care is better care

The effective monitoring and analysis of all outcomes in a patient's treatment is a vital part of providing high quality care.

CardioCare records relevant patient data for all clinical assessments, automatically tracking patient progress as it does so. The software captures a variety of quantitative and qualitative information during a visit to the clinic. These include:

  • Device Programming Data
  • Patient Assessment data (Physiological, Psychological, Cardiac Conditions)
  • Cardiac History
  • Multiple Care Provider's Note (Cardiologists, RN, NP, Pharmacist, Dietician)
  • EF Measurement
  • Remote Consultations
  • Lab Values
  • Medication History
  • Allergy Information

One step further – support for research

Conducting clinical research is one of the ways in which cardiology clinics can play an active part in improving the profession as a whole. CardioCare allows users to collect, analyze and visualize the data in simple graph form, or perform a complex relationship analysis with a single mouse click.

These features are available at your fingertips, with no additional training needed. Cardio Care does all the hard work for you, while your clinical staff can get on with the daily running of your site and providing outstanding patient care.

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Cardio Care is a robust and effective solution for managing all the needs of your cardiology clinic. Unrivalled in terms of its cost-effectiveness and functionality, CardioCare can revolutionize the way you do business, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient working model.

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