Heart Function Clinic Management System ( HFcMS)

Heart Function Clinic Management System (HFcMS) offers practitioners a secure, client-server based clinic management software to handle all aspects of daily operations of a clinic. That includes Appointment Setting, Patient Care Charting, Workload Measurement, Report Generation and Research Data Collection. We help you Simplify Clinic Operations, Co-ordinate Care with multiple providers and Organize your clinical data. Our system can be customized to cater the exact needs of your clinic whether you are a small clinic serving few patients or a large clinic with complex operations serving many patients. HFcMS provides a mature and complete solution for individual and/or multiple clinics.

Our application is designed by practitioners for practitioners offering a complete management solution. Like you, we value the client experience from initial contact through to completion of billing and we are proud to offer your clinic one tool to efficiently manage all aspects of your business.

Medical practitioners deal with the life and health of their patients. Good medical care relies on well-trained doctors and nurses and on high-quality facilities and equipment. Good medical care also relies on good record keeping. Without accurate, comprehensive up-to-date and accessible patient case notes, medical personnel may not offer the best treatment or may in fact misdiagnose a condition, which can have serious consequences.

Health care is growing rapidly in terms of the quantity and quality of data that is collected on a daily basis. Problem is that, this data is growing faster than the provider can analyze it. As the world's population increases so will this problem. The health care providers are facing the challenge of not only providing the best care for their patients, but doing it in a cost effective method to insure that they can provide services that are affordable.

Features of this Application

Security, User Management and Clinical Staff Management

HFcMS provides multiple industry standard secured authorization process(es). Application administrators can use Windows Account to provide access to the application based on their clinical roles and responsibilities. Furthermore, the application provides tools for user(s), role(s) and clinical staff management.

Managing Patients and their Appointments

HFcMS allows the clinicians and administrative staffs manage their patients within the application. The data can either be entered manually or can also 'be imported from your central database' if you have such repository available. This unique feature within HFcMS will make your clinic very efficient by 'avoiding duplication of data entry' and also by 'reducing manual data entry errors'.

Clinical appointments are made easy within HFcMS. You can view clinic level appointments while booking a next appointment for the patient so that you can make sure that your clinic is not over-booked.

Patient's Document Management

Heart Function Clinic Management System (HFcMS) allows the management of patient documents within single location assuring you the security, accessibility and flexibility you need. Going paperless has never been easier.

  • Upload documents, PDF's, image files and more.
  • Update document(s) and save changes.
  • Assured availability of Documents anytime.

A Complete Clinic Assessment and Charting

Effectively charting, storing and tracking outcomes are an essential part of patient care. Clinical Assessment module of the application allows you to create custom point of care forms.

  • Create data element types such as text fields, drop downs, check boxes, numeric fields and dates.
  • Create customized forms for quick data entry

Data Analysis, Trend(s) Visualization & Support for Research

HFcMS allows the clinician to plot the clinical data in graph(s) and Chart(s) as they gather more information about their patients. The will provide tools needed for experts to understand patient's condition and provide the best care possible.

Furthermore, if your clinic would like to conduct research with your patients, our system can be configured to support such activity without much difficulty. Please contact us for more information.

Report Customization Support

The report generated from the application can easily be customized to represent your clinical need. The application supports individually customized reports for each sites even though same application might have been used in multiple sites.

Support for Outgoing HL7 Reports

If your clinic needs to send reports to your central EHR (Electronic Health Record) system, HFcMS has a simple solution for you!!! This OPTIONAL module will allow you to customize your clinic report with your own logo, data fields and other notes. Furthermore, or application will allow you to review the report (as simple as Print Preview option) and let you send it with a single mouse click.

Theaa process of analyzing health care data is a sturdy task and one that must be done properly and continually. For these reasons, it becomes very costly and this is why we are here.

We help you understand your clinical needs, train your staffs and simplify your operations so that you can focus on what you do best - 'providing the best care to your patients'.